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By HASTAC Scholars program on Feb 6th, 2012
In November 2008, HASTAC Scholars featured a forum on gaming called “Participatory Play: Digital Games From Spacewar! to Virtual Peace.” Given the...
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By Sheryl Grant on Oct 23rd, 2013
Badge systems, like other sociotechnical systems, are ways of building order in our world – but for now, at the early stages of design and...
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By Cathy Davidson on Apr 29th, 2012
This is a rough DRAFT of a doctoral course I will be offering in Spring 2013 in our new Ph.D. Lab in Digital Knowledge.  
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By Cathy Davidson on Sep 16th, 2011
Yesterday I was able to step off the Now You See It book tour to attend the launch of the fourth Digital Media and Learning Competition, focused on...
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By Daniel HIckey on Sep 11th, 2012
I posted a longer blog about this topic on Remediating Assessment .  Here is a shorter summary that is also useful for folks who are...
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By HASTAC Scholars program on Mar 24th, 2013
Often, accessibility is—as Jay Dolmage and John Slatin have argued—a retrofit or add on. That is, it is often not an integral part of our theoretical...
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By Rebecca Itow on May 30th, 2013
This post is cross-posted at Remediating Assessment.Rebecca Itow and Daniel Hickey
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By amanda starling gould on Oct 1st, 2012
Dear all, there is a fascinating and, I think, important debate being held - via Twitter - about the ethics and etiquette of live-tweeting conference...
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