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By Tesla Schaeffer on Mar 3rd, 2015
This year, the computer systems at UW were integrated with Panopto, which is a video sharing platform that enables both students and instructors to...
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By Cathy Davidson on Feb 23rd, 2015
In his classic study Bowling Alone (2000), Robert Putnam argues that we have lost our connection to friends, family, neighbors, and our democratic...
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By paul walsh on Feb 2nd, 2015
ProblemHow many of us work in low-resource environments? Or environments where using tech is challenging...
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By Kalle Westerling on Feb 1st, 2015
The 11th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym 2015) is the premier conference on open collaboration research and practice,...
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By Cathy Davidson on Jan 30th, 2015
Today, as I was waiting to cross a very busy intersection, a man jaywalked through. He was probably indigent, maybe homeless, mentally disabled,...
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By Steven Berg on Jan 25th, 2015
“Scholarly Voices” is a new group that was designed to identify and promote undergraduate voices on HASTAC.  The group is not a place to discuss...
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