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By Cathy Davidson on Aug 26th, 2014
Do students learn less when they are taking notes on a laptop than they learn when they take notes in a lecture class by handwriting? ...
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By Joe Grobelny on Aug 12th, 2014
But the ability to convey tone and emotion through text, without resorting to illustration, is one of the key challenges of writing.
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By Mia Zamora on Aug 8th, 2014
I’m so thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to all my fellow learners and educators out there who are intrigued by the proposition of "open...
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By Emily Cicchini on Aug 7th, 2014
Over the last 18 months, I have been party to producing two xMOOCs for the edX platform for the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Fine Arts...
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By Jade E. Davis on Jul 8th, 2014
This group is open to anyone who wants to talk about building trust in connected learning environments sparked by the Trust Challenge, the fifth,...
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