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By Katy Jordan on Jan 26th, 2015
This event is a free Google hangout, hosted by academic jobs website . It is an hour long and will take place on January 27th (tomorrow!)...
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By J.J. Sylvia IV on Jan 19th, 2015
In my last post, I looked at visualizing my field on a Google map. This time I'd like to share some visualizations based on publication years and...
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By J.J. Sylvia IV on Jan 18th, 2015
I've recently been researching and attempting to visualize my field. I'll share a little background about my program and then the first part of what...
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By Matthew Clark on Jan 17th, 2015
You can look up Duke human resources data in IPEDS (  The most recent data is for Fall of 2013. 
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By Robert Fisher on Jan 15th, 2015
Life and Work The Work and Life Project Saturday 11th July – Monday 13th July 2015 Mansfield College, Oxford, United Kingdom Call for Presentations:...
By John Fowler on Jan 6th, 2015
Unit: State University of New York Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL Center)Position: Program and Operations...
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