Topic: 21st Century Literacies

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By Jeremy Dean on May 27th, 2015
(Reblogged from For more on collaborative annotation, see this 2013 HASTAC Scholars Forum on "Amplified Marginalia.") We have all seized...
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HASTAC ContentScholarRegular contributor
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By Danica Savonick on May 18th, 2015
“This course should be undertaken as an experimental, collaborative, and hopefully thrilling intellectual adventure into the processes of meaning-...
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By bob stein on May 18th, 2015
I just posted a short essay — Welcome to the Liminal Space Cafe — to Medium in response to Hugh McGuire's widely read piece "Why Can't We Read...
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By Tiffany Chan on May 13th, 2015
The Digital Humanities often borrows methodologies, tools, and techniques from other fields—perhaps most notably from the social sciences. But...
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