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By Megan Farnel on Apr 17th, 2014
So, I'm pretty sure the only thing that got me to finish a draft of this section ahead of even my own schedule was the jealousy I felt about watching...
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By Eugenia Zobel de Ayala on Apr 17th, 2014
 In his book Half-Real, video game researcherJesper Jule outlines his theory on video games being half real: real rules that the operator must...
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By Jade Luthy on Apr 17th, 2014
There are thousands of interesting and unique ways to give a presentation with the use of technology. I was given a rather open-ended assignment that...
By Paula Gardner on Apr 16th, 2014
Please join us today for a live stream of a video dialogue filmed today at OCAD University (Toronto) featuring a moderated dialogue, in Spanish and...
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By Megan Farnel on Apr 15th, 2014
So, ironically, this turned out to be the hardest thing to try to write from scratch, I think just because I've written an introduction to the...
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