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By Meredith Carroll on Oct 30th, 2014
I've found myself getting excited about digital projects lately, if only because they provide a much-welcome creative outlet here in the thick of the...
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By Jeffrey Lara on Oct 30th, 2014
I have learned a few things from myself and my work habits due to the changes I have made to my syllabus over the past semester.
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By Alicia Pileggi on Oct 30th, 2014
The following, entitled "Social Media In Higher Education," is my Proposal for the HASTAC 2015 Conference:  
By FACT Liverpool on Oct 30th, 2014
 This November, FACT is pleased to present the UK premiere of Type Motion, an exhibition featuring over 200 outstanding examples of text and...
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By Heather Draxl on Oct 29th, 2014
Hello,I am excited and proud to be a HASTAC scholar and part of the broader HASTAC community. I applied to be a scholar because I am relatively new...
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By Olga Scrivner on Oct 29th, 2014
Many of us are working with visualization which is basically 2D (or maybe 3D perception). Until yesterday, I never knew the word "haptics" and "...
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