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By Edmond Chang on Feb 1st, 2013
THATCamp Epic Play is an unconference and year-end colloquium hosted by the Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group.  THATCamp...
By Kristan Shawgo on Jan 2nd, 2013
 THATcamp LibrariesFebruary 23, 2013Simmons College in Boston, MAAll text from: http://libraries2013.thatcamp.org/
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By Elizabeth Cornell on Oct 29th, 2012
From digital pedagogy to text mining to library support for digital scholarship, THATCampNY 2012, which took place at Fordham University’s...
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By Fiona Barnett on Oct 25th, 2012
  There are so many amazing THATcamp opportunities this year. This list is taken from the general announcement site here. You should...
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By Valerie Robin on Oct 24th, 2012
This past weekend, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a THATCamp at Marylhurst College, near Portland, Oregon. For me, the experience was unique and rewarding.
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By Rebecca Nesvet on Oct 4th, 2012
In September, Dr. Joyce Rudinsky (my HASTAC mentor) HASTAC Scholar Jade Davis and I co-organized and then attended an exciting THATCamp Research...
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