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By Alicia Pileggi on Jun 2nd, 2015
This past week I attended the HASTAC 2015 Conference at Michigan U in East Lansing. After a 2 hour delay and $10 airport Pringles I reluctantly...
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By CJ Risman on Apr 20th, 2015
Final entry of a blog series on digitized death and mourning [Part I 
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By Mark Marino on Mar 14th, 2015
Below is a writing prompt that I have used in an introductory writing course entitled Selvies and Selfies, which I taught at the University of...
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By CJ Risman on Mar 8th, 2015
Social Media Shiva: Accepting Condolences on FacebookPart II of a blog series on digitized death and mourning [Part I here]  
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By CJ Risman on Feb 14th, 2015
There was a boy who went to my high school; for the purpose of this blog we’ll call him Alex. Alex was kind but rather quiet, without too many close...
By stefkax on Dec 18th, 2014
The Humanities Department at Michigan Technological University invites candidates for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor Position in Digital Media.
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