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By Jennifer Stratton on Apr 25th, 2014
During yesterday's opening remarks at the HASTAC 2014 Conference in Lima, Peru Cathy Davidson set the tone with the statement: "Difference is...
By Hilary Culbertson on Nov 20th, 2013
Doing DH is a Digital Scholarship series focusing on the basic skills needed for working in the digital humanities. Lightning-talk panels,...
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By HASTAC Admin on Oct 16th, 2013
 Tuesday, October 29, 20134:00 pm – 5:00 pmPhD Lab in Digital KnowledgeFranklin Humanities InstituteSmith Warehouse, Bay 4, C106Free & Open...
Cathy Davidson-img-10/10/2013 - 11:36am
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By Cathy Davidson on Oct 10th, 2013
Next semester I'm teaching the boldest, most innovative, most complicated course I've ever taught, ISIS 640, "The History and Future of Higher...
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By amanda starling gould on Sep 15th, 2013
Dancing Robots, Ecological Orchestras, Humanitiarian Apps, and Mathematico-technological  Art: The Duke STEAM Challenge asks, What can you...
By Darren Mueller on Feb 28th, 2013
Soundbox releases its call for provocations (below). We look forward to talking with you about your ideas!-----------
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By Cathy Davidson on Sep 1st, 2012
Good question:  what exactly is the Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge?   Good answer:   we have some projects, some...
By Jennifer Stratton on Aug 27th, 2012
The PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge at the Franklin Humanities Institute provides an arena in which PhD students in humanities and...
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