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By Julie Russo on Oct 16th, 2008
I interrupt this vlog to bring you a special report...
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By Viola Lasmana on Apr 19th, 2010
In "Re-Composing Digital Literature: Can You Find Electronic Writing on the Disciplinary Map?", Mauro Carassai probes critical questions that we...
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By Robert Fisher on Nov 18th, 2011
This inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary project aims to explore what it is to be human and the nature of human community in cyberculture,...
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By Mark Marino on May 28th, 2012
The conference schedule is now up for  ELO 2012: Electrifying Literature, Affordances and Constraints, June 20-23 (with pre-conference...
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By Ali Pearl on Oct 2nd, 2012
Hi digitologists! [is that a thing? can we just say it's a thing?]Before I dive into this massive, wonderful organization with all its blogs and...
By Mark Marino on Nov 19th, 2013
Hyperrhiz Call: Netprov Special Issue (12/19/13)2013 witnessed tremors in the construction of the Internet as a truth network, as the site of real...
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