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By Mike Nutt on Mar 4th, 2010
Jonathan Zittrain lectureProvost's Lecture Series, Duke5:00-6:30PM, March 3, 2010Room 139, Social Sciences Building Before the lecture I was able to...
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By Cathy Davidson on Dec 27th, 2010
In the UK they call them "witches' britches."  They are the plastic bags that escape from landfills and become caught seemingly forever in the...
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By Lindsey Arthur on Apr 27th, 2010
Alvin Felzenberg’s talk entitled “The Leaders We Deserved (and a Few We Didn’t): Rethinking the Presidential Rating Game” drew some interesting...
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By Fiona Barnett on Mar 30th, 2011
25 & 26 June 2011Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institute, Bath  Conference announcement and call for papershttp://www.bath.ac.uk/cdas...
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By Fiona Barnett on Sep 11th, 2011
 Law School for Digital JournalistsA Pre-Conference of the Online News Association's 2011 ConferenceHarvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts...
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