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By Tiffany Grobelski on Feb 27th, 2014
This is one of a series of posts from the HASTAC Scholars Geography working group, in which my colleagues and I are sharing some ways we make sense...
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By Rebecca Nesvet on Mar 18th, 2013
About to start assembling my interactive map of the busy London of James Malcolm Rymer's The String of Pearls, or the Barber of Fleet Street (1850),...
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By HASTAC Scholars program on Mar 11th, 2013
Mapping technology has recently been the focus of much critical attention as evidenced by numerous efforts to develop new ways of visualizing...
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By Aaron Taveras on Feb 22nd, 2013
Lately, I’ve been reflecting on a few conversations that I’ve had with some friends (fellow grad students in geography) regarding cartography. The...
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By Aaron Taveras on Feb 16th, 2013
I’m always on the search for new cartography tools. Recently, I was visiting the webpage of a fellow cartographer (Bernhard Jenny) who often develops...
By Bethany Nowviskie on Apr 14th, 2011
Over the past two years, with generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia...
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By Fiona Barnett on Dec 3rd, 2010
We just found out about this amazing digital symposium called Virtual Cities/Digital Histories. It is on now and continues over the weekend. Are you...
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By Ana Boa-Ventura on Aug 29th, 2008
After a long hiatus I resume my posts. I realized I should restrain my effusive posts about the recent I_Chass week at UIUC (July 27 - Aug 4) that I...
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