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HASTAC FutureEd Initiative

HASTAC:  Changing the Way We Teach and Learn

The FutureEd Initiative is led by those with the most at stake in transforming higher education: students and faculty.

Open, worldwide, and user-inspired, “The History and Future of Higher Education” assesses the educational legacies we’ve inherited in order to design new ways of learning for present needs and future aspirations. (Read more about the Initiative.)   

Below, you will find HASTAC’s collaborative wikis to crowdsource:

  • Resources: contribute to a growing international list of books, articles, journals, websites, and more about the future of higher education

  • Pedagogical Innovations: what new ideas and methods are you using in your classroom? share them here to inspire pedagogical innovations that can help transform higher education today

  • Institutional Changes:  share your own successful models, ideas, and road maps for how to lead innovation and scale change across an institution.

Anyone can contribute a course, event, or resource. To join the movement, you can:

Want to follow along? You can also:

CHE blog


#FutureEd Tweets

FutureEd Toolkit

The FutureEd Toolkit is a collection of ideas and resources that can be used to help transform education. To add a resource, join the FutureEd group (link), and edit the page!

#FutureEd Initiative: Bibliography of Resources

This wiki is home to the #FutureEd Bibliography - an international list of books, articles, journals, websites, and more about the future of higher education. 

#FutureEd Initiative: Pedagogical Innovations Wiki

Share your strategies for making the classroom engaged, interactive, and open.  This wiki includes models of pedagogical innovations that are transforming the way we teach and learn.

#FutureEd Initiative: Institutional Change Wiki

This wiki is for institutional change, including ideas and road maps for leading change and scaling innovation across a learning or educational institution. 

How to participate in #FutureEd

An ever-growing list of people and institutions are signing on to be a part of the #FutureEd movement. We invite you to participate as well - either by offering a class, event, website, etc., or by joining in the conversation here on hastac.org.  Visit this page to learn more about te many ways to get involved!


#FutureEd Blog at The Chronicle of Higher Education

Graduate students in the #FutureEd Initiative write a series of blog posts forThe Chronicle of Higher Education.


HASTAC #FutureEd Group

This is a group for "The History and Future of Higher Education," a multi-institutional collaborative project initiated by the HASTAC alliance which is coordinating the teaching of a number of diverse courses, workshops, and reading groups, in different locations and online, on the future of higher education beginning in January of  2014.  We hope to engage students around the world in a dynamic conversation about the education that is their future. Anyone is invited to offer a course or informal learning program on any aspect of the history and future of (mostly higher) education in order to contribute to this project. 


Field Notes for 21st Century Literacies

Field Notes for 21st Century Literacies: A Guide to New Theories, Methods, and Practices for Open Peer Teaching and Learning is intended to assist anyone embarking on open teaching. It offers foundational methods, examples, and explanatory theories for how to set up the practices of a class, how to determine guiding principles, how to theorize what you are doing in the classroom, how to design the class, how to include multimedia elements and approaches such as games, and how to ensure that you have designed a class for inclusion, not exclusion.