Developing an effective social media presence: workshop

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 2:45pm - 5:45pm

Developing an effective social media presence: a workshop for history postgraduate students and early career researchers

Main speakers: Laura Cowdrey (UK National Archives), Julian Harrison (British Library), Isabel Holowaty (Oxford University)

Postgraduate students and early career researchers are increasingly expected to have an active social media presence. But which platforms will be most appropriate? How do you communicate your ideas while safeguarding your research? How do you separate the professional and personal in a social media context , if indeed you should? What constitutes ‘good’ communication?

Many archives and libraries run thriving and lively social media channels, and use them to engage and interact with a diverse audience. What can researchers learn from their success? What, for example, can we take from the collections-based approach that is often adopted? How do libraries and archives so successfully engage curatorial staff in producing content for blogs, etc.? How are institutional (and personal) identity maintained across a diverse range of media and platforms?

This workshop will share the experience of organisations such as the British Library, The National Archives of the UK and the University of Oxford, and offer practical advice for researchers who would like to develop a social media presence. It is organised under the auspices of the AHRC-funded Social Media Knowledge Exchange project.


1.45        Registration

2.00        Welcome and introduction

2.05        Panel session: The use of social media by libraries and archives

3.05        Tea

3.25        Breakout discussion: Developing and managing your social media presence

4.10        Reporting back and open discussion

4.40        Close


Registration is free, but places are limited so book early.


Registration deadline: Friday,  January 25 2013, 5:00pm

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