Research on Badging and Badge Systems Development

Digital Media and Learning Research Competition on Badging and Badge Systems applicants were asked to submit proposals for empirical and theoretical research that support and inform the design, development, and deployment of digital badges and badge systems across a diverse range of learning content, institutions, and approaches, including the Gates Foundation supported Project Mastery Sites, as well as research focused on the efficacy of Teacher Mastery badging projects. The research was funded in 2013, and findings are expected to be shared in 2014. 

The five winning proposals include:

  • Alex Halavais: Evaluating Microcredentialing in Public Networked Environments
  • Katie Davis: Investigating Digital Badges in Afterschool Settings
  • Jim Diamond: Design-based Research Project: Who Built America? Teacher Mastery Badge System
  • Sean Duncan: Connecting Badges and Expertise in Interest-Driven Affinity Spaces
  • Jan Plass: Good Badges, Evil Badges? An Empirical Inquiry into the Impact of Badge Design on Goal Orientation and Learning