What Future for MOOCs?

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By Ga Young Chung on Dec 7th, 2014
It's inspiring!

Writing Thesis with LateX

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By Olga Scrivner on Dec 7th, 2014
I am using a template from another school (Clemson) - the source is here.There is also a list of available thesis templates on this blog.
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By Matt Thomas on Dec 6th, 2014
What thesis template are you using? One from your school or a more general one? Is it something you can link to or share?
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By Olga Scrivner on Nov 29th, 2014
There is also an on-line Tex editor writeLaTeX with a great array of various templates (from newsletters to presentations). You can check the...

Ten Interesting Archives Online

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By Lauren Rae Hall on Dec 6th, 2014
I’d like to add my excitement for this initiative. I’m traveling now, but I plan to get my own digital archive (based on my personal collection of...
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By Connie Wallace on Dec 4th, 2014
After giving a great talk about our webinar in class a couple of weeks ago, my excitement inspired my mentor to help me seek some ways to find...

Digital Collections: Letters in War

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By Connie Wallace on Dec 4th, 2014
Jana, Thank you.  Connie
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By Jana Remy on Dec 3rd, 2014
Connie:I work with a very large War Letters Archive housed at Chapman University in southern California.  The website for the collection is here...

ProQuest Discussion: December 1st, 1pm EST (livestreamed)

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By Lisa Tagliaferri on Dec 3rd, 2014
Thanks for tuning in, Lori -- glad it was helpful!
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By Lori Beth De Hertogh on Dec 1st, 2014
Thanks to everyone who set up this talk and to the speakers. It was helpful to learn about how the ProQuest system works, how materials and media are...

Media assignments – experiments, experiences, examples?

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By Michael Franklin on Dec 1st, 2014
Hi Verena,My exeperience in this comes from teaching at Edinburgh College of Art in the School of Design at University of Edinburgh and aligns...
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By Alan Taylor on Nov 27th, 2014
Good discussion!.I have been teaching informed media practice for 20 years - UK, Europe, and recently as Professor of Film in South Africa.One recent...
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By Maria Velazquez on Nov 24th, 2014
I actually published a case study on how using tech/media changed my syllabus design. You can read it here:

Top 3 Things Students Need to Thrive Today #curriculumBCN

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By Kevin Hewitson on Dec 1st, 2014
I believe there are a set of skills, attitudes, attributes and behaviours that make learners successful. This is characterised by them being able to...

Do You Know Successful Renaissance Twitter Feeds?

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By Lisa Tagliaferri on Nov 30th, 2014
Thank you, Olga!
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By Lisa Tagliaferri on Nov 30th, 2014
Thanks, Karen Cook, for this list.
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By Karen Cook on Nov 28th, 2014
Here are all of mine (sorry, very music-heavy):Med/Ren Feeds Music Before 1800@MusicBefore1800 Harvard Medieval@HarvardMedieval PIMIC@...
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By Olga Scrivner on Nov 28th, 2014
Lisa,It may not be exactly the Renessaince one but it is a historical digital project @digarchivkoeln .

The Secret History of the Severed Hands

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By Joseph Yannielli on Nov 24th, 2014
Quick Update. For those interested in exploring some of the themes raised in this post, the following call for papers sounds really great: Women's...

A Conference in 140 Characters: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Note-taking and Love the Tweet

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By Dan Fang on Nov 23rd, 2014
I haven't really tried it in the classroom yet, either, but I'm thinking about having something like "Twitter Friday" in my classes, where the...