Earth Art to Eco Art at Society for the Humanities, Cornell

Society for the Humanities, Cornell University Presents:


Earth Art to Eco Art: An Anniversary Workshop




October 17-18, 2008

A. D. White House

Cornell University


The occasion for this celebratory event is the confluence of this year's annual research theme at the Society for the Humanities, "Water: A Critical Concept for the Humanities," with the 40th anniversary of the infamous Cornell exhibition, Earth Art, which took place in the A. D. White House when was the home of the A. D. White Museum of Art.   Organized by Timothy Murray and Patricia Phillips.


Featured Guest, Thomas Leavitt, Former Director, A. D. White Museum of Art


Friday October 17

A. D. White House



Welcoming Remarks,

Timothy Murray, Director, Society for the Humanities

Patricia Phillips, Chair, Department of Art


Pamela Seymour Smith, ?Reflections by Willoughby Sharp, Curator of Earth Art?

Renate Ferro, Department of Art, "Earth Altars: A Collective Installation"


2:15-4:00  Celebrating Earth Art

Moderator, Buzz Spector, Department of Art

Marilyn Rivchin, Department of Theatre, Film, and Dance, "Filming Earth Art"

Marin Sullivan, Department of History of Art, University of Michigan,  "The Emergence of Earth Art: Cornell University, 1969?

Navjotika Kumar, Modern and Contemporary Art, Kent State University,

"Land Art as/and Cataclysm?


4:30  Plenary Lecture

Dennis Oppenheim

"Land Art and the Earth Art Show"


Saturday, October 18

A. D. White House


9:15-11:00 Fluid Geographies

Moderator, Sam Baker, Society for the Humanities

Patricia Phillips, Department of Art, ?Fluid Geographies?

Stacy Levy, Artist, ?The gristle of nature: celebrating what is left in our landscapes?


11:15-12:30 Digital Gardens

Moderator, Andrea Hammer, Department of Landscape Architecture

Verena Andermatt Conley, Society for the Humanities and Harvard University, "Place, Non-Place: How to Cultivate a Digital Garden?

Daniel Warner, Hampshire College, ?Never the Same River Twice:  Landscape, Soundscape and Water?



 2:00-4:00 Environmental Others

Moderator, Maria Fernandez, Department of History of Art

Brandon Ballengee, Artist - New York,

?Sacred Monsters: Biological Abstractions Sculpted by a Changing Environment?

Cary Peppermint and Christine Nadr, Colgate University

"Externalities: Wilderness and its Others."

Patricia Zimmermann, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, Ithaca College, "ECO-PUBLICS"




Panel Discussion

Timothy Murray, Patricia Phillips, Dennis Oppenheim, Verena Andermatt Conley, Christine Marran


Cosponsors: The Rose Goldsen Lecture Series, Cornell Council of the Arts