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By Richard Miller on Dec 18th, 2010
Hacktivism is in the news, if not exactly grabbing headlines. When major service providers pulled the plug on Wikileaks, temporarily cutting off the...
By Richard Miller on Dec 16th, 2010
Prizes. At this time of year, you can't escape them. Top ten viral videos. Best scandals of the year. The Darwin Awards. And, of course, the...
By Richard Miller on Dec 15th, 2010
At this point in the discussion, it should come as no surprise to learn that an account has surfaced on the free online dating service,...
By Richard Miller on Dec 14th, 2010
At the end of my last post, I asked the question, "Is nothing sacred?" Here are some responses to that question, via the world of Web 2.0:
By Richard Miller on Dec 11th, 2010
  I find this image heart wrenching. At the top of New York Post's cropped screenshot, Clementi's last known public correspondence:
By Richard Miller on Dec 9th, 2010
My FaceBook inbox contained a friend request this morning from a young woman who has three profile pix, including this one:
By Richard Miller on Dec 6th, 2010
"This is not a 'phone,'" Dr. Englander told the parents who looked, collectively, shellshocked. What you’ve given your child “is a mobile computer.”
By Richard Miller on Dec 5th, 2010
In what universe does it make sense to announce, via a medium open to all, that you are going to spy on others having sex? What is the attraction...
By Richard Miller on Dec 2nd, 2010
On September 29th, Gawker ran a story with the headline: How a College Kid Livestreamed His Roommate's Gay Sexual Encounter, Possibly Causing a...
By Richard Miller on Dec 1st, 2010
So, there's Hillary Clinton, newly landed in Kazakhstan, trying to handle the fallout from Wikileaks' release of that boatload of private diplomatic...
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