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By Richard Miller on Jan 29th, 2011
OK, I admit it. This is my one real brush with a real celebrity. Sure, I've had one or two near brushes with real celebrity. Who hasn't?
By Richard Miller on Jan 26th, 2011
I need a show of hands. How many of you were outraged to learn that Alan Gribben, professor of English at Auburn-Montgomery, has edited an edition of...
By Richard Miller on Jan 19th, 2011
So, the twenty-fifth anniversary of Martin Luther King Day just passed. Well, it wasn't actually the twenty-fith anniversary everywhere in the U.S....
By Richard Miller on Jan 2nd, 2011
So, here's where we are on the timeline: it's 6:44pm, the day before Tyler Clementi commits suicide and Clementi has just posted to the "college...
By Richard Miller on Jan 1st, 2011
What is "age appropriate" viewing? Who determines when you can see what? Let's begin with some representative vignettes. The first from the print-...
By Richard Miller on Dec 24th, 2010
On Wednesday, the Home News reported that Tyler Clementi's parents filed notice of their intent to sue Rutgers University. In the notice,...
By Richard Miller on Dec 23rd, 2010
So, where are we now that we've reached this thirteenth post in my ongoing meditation on the end of privacy in the Web 2.0 world?
By Richard Miller on Dec 23rd, 2010
I'm not sure why the first part of this post is being held for review by the moderator. That's a new one....   In Part 1 on Virtual Communities...
By Richard Miller on Dec 19th, 2010
Here's a thought experiment. Say you wanted to use your computer to spy on someone else, how would you do it? Would you have to be a...
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