Hurricane Katrina

9/30/2006 - 11:56pm
I can't believe it's been a year since Hurricane Katrina changed the United States forever. After watching about an hour of When the Levees Broke and remembering all the news about it when it happened, I really think the whole situation could've been handled better. However, I think FEMA and the rest of everyone who helped (the Coast Guard, the Canadians, ext.) honestly did the best they could. I don't think there was anyone out there that didn't want to help the people who were trapped there; especially the homeless and the senior citizens. The Superdome situation probably would've been better if the roof didn't start to give way. I just think the storm was something the agencies just couldn't keep up with. There are times that something just overwhelms us, and I think Katrina was one of these times. The Spike Lee documentary was one of the most painful things I've had to watch. It was a lot more graphic than I thought it would be, but in a way, I think it had to be. It had to strongly deliver the point that this destroyed people's lifes and how real people felt when it happened to them. I liked the way that it went back and forth setting up the scene and allowing everyone to get their piece of mind into it. I cringed when the rich couple from the good neighborhood went on there and said they found it intriguing that what happened with the volcano and the city surrounding it was happening to their city. Um, I found that whole exchange very rude. If memory serves me right, they never once said they felt bad for people who lost their property. Just that they found the two events very familiar is not acceptable. I feel so much for everyone who lost their family members, their homes, and pretty much their identity. I cannot imagaine having to go through something like that. New Orleans has shown so much class to be able to rebuild themselves and move on. This reminds me so much of how New York became stronger in a sense after 9/11. I watched the news staring in disbelief with Katrina just like I did with 9/11. Luckly, we as a country are "we will bind, but we will not break." I love that about us. In summary, I am completely heartbroken about what happened to New Orleans and everyone affected by Hurricane Katrina. The documentary brings everything in focus and explains how the whole event took place. It was very painful to watch and as with anything, it's the things that hurt us that stay in our mind the longer. Best wishes to New Orleans to carry on its great tradition. Sincerely, Shawn Ingram, Ohio