Learn About Self-Control, Racism, Gender, Much More: Introducing Self-Paced Open Courseware (SPOC)

Move Over MOOC!  Here Comes the SPOC! This Self-Paced Open Courseware (SPOC) is free, to anyone, anywhere, anytime! 


Featuring two of Duke’s leading professors—behavioral economist Dan Ariely and teachnology and education innovator Cathy Davidson--#Duke Surprise is a fully open series of seven “mini-courses” that allow you to learn as little or much as you want about:

Each mini-course includes:

  • Videos featuring Professors Ariely and Davidson, along with guest speakers
  • Suggested readings, including articles, books, videos (to watch) and websites
  • Self-guided student-created “mini course” on the topic, including apps, games, videos, surveys, interviews, and even a fairy tale!
  • Blog posts between students, professors and public participants discussing the issues for each mini-course

For teachers or students (of any age) interested in peer-to-peer learning, #DukeSurprise also has a toolkit with explanatory videos for how to make your own SPOC, as well as templates for all the peer-to-peer teaching tools used during the SPOC, including a grade contract, peer feedback forms, a peer-badging exercise, and peer grading sheets.           

This is a full, college-level independent study course remixed by Duke students and available to anyone who wants to learn or download and use the units in classes. 

Remix #dukesurprise any way you want!  And let us know the result.