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By Helen Haswell on Jul 3rd, 2015
Over the last few months I have thought about what it means to be working within digital humanities and how we, as scholars, engage with it....
By Michelle Kassorla on Jun 29th, 2015
I’m so done with article after article about how we should use Technology in the Classroom when it is “called for” or “appropriate.”  I think...
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By Katina Rogers on Jun 24th, 2015
I'm very pleased to share the news that the study I conducted on PhD career paths for the Scholarly Communication Institute has now been published in...
By Theresa Horstman on Jun 19th, 2015
I was wondering if anyone could point me to some examples of badge or achievement systems that awarded badges to teams (as opposed to individuals)...
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By Cathy Davidson on Jun 18th, 2015
I’m often asked why I start with pedagogy, given the larger institutional reforms and social ambitions that HASTAC and the new Futures Initiative...
By Elizabeth Constable on Jun 16th, 2015
For me the Feminist Digital Scholars Workshop was such a productive, and invigorating, week of exchanges and thoughtful engagement around our...
By Tiffany Florvil on Jun 15th, 2015
It was a interesting week!!  I read some fascinating pieces that all dealt with different elements of feminism.  We lost a member, but I...
By Sara Georgini on Jun 15th, 2015
Like many, Amos Doolittle struggled to turn in a decent first draft of American history.
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By Danica Savonick on Jun 15th, 2015
I spent this past year as a Research Fellow with the Futures Initiative, a Graduate Teaching Fellow at Queens College, a HASTAC Scholar, and a...
By Erin Frost on Jun 15th, 2015
What a fantastic workshop! I really enjoyed engaging with my groupmates' smart work, which ranged from analyses of how to empower medical students to...
By Steven Berg on Jun 15th, 2015
The recent case of Tara Schultz complaining that four graphic novels assigned by her English professor were inappropriate because they included...
By Beck Wise on Jun 14th, 2015
Another year, another Feminist Scholars Digital Workshop--and another rad one at that! I had the privilege of reading and responding to incredibly...
By Emily Kugler on Jun 14th, 2015
The magic of deadlines continue to amaze me. I've been tinkering but not finishing a piece for a while, and because of this workshop, I can now...
By Martha Joy Rose on Jun 14th, 2015
This was a great way to gather feminists from all around the world! I loved reading my team member's work. Learned a few new things, and would...
By Michele White on Jun 14th, 2015
I appreciated the thoughtful comments from Karen Cook, Liz Constable, and Rachael Sullivan from my group. Reading people’s comments about the number...
By Marina DelVecchio on Jun 14th, 2015
Hi all, I really enjoyed being part of this workshop. As I teach on the community college level, I am not part of a feminist group like this one. It...
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By Lisa Tagliaferri on Jun 14th, 2015
Members of the Futures Initiative team organized the Student-Centered Pedagogy and Technology panel at the HA