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By Lynn Marentette on Jul 12th, 2012
I've neglected posting here for a while.  I thought I'd share a few links, and then catch up with the rest of the HASTAC website. Call for...
By Lynn Marentette on Jan 12th, 2011
The deadline for submissions to the CHI 2011 Child Computer Interaction: 2nd Workshop on UI Technologies an their Impact on Educational Pedagogy...
By Lynn Marentette on Dec 13th, 2009
Human-Computer Interaction is a diverse field and there are many interesting things going on with emerging technologies, interfaces, and technology...
By Lynn Marentette on Sep 19th, 2009
I changed the name of the Technology Supported Human World Interaction blog to reflect the focus of my posts. The title popped into my head after I...
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I'm interested in accessible off-the-desktop natural-user interfaces and UX/interaction design that supports collaboration, communication, information visualization, knowledge-sharing, education, creativity, and leisure. I'm also interested in how new technologies can support the the intervention and prevention of learning, social, behavioral, and mental health, and health problems.

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